Perfect Vintage Tee – Pt. 2 “Creepy Cute”

Part 2 of our Perfect Vintage Tee’s has arrived, “Creepy Cute”!  Macabre teddy bear monsters, acid granny teddy gardeners and punk rock poodles add giggles and bite to your wardrobe.  Great for festival season!

Teddy Bear Monsters Teddy Bear Monsters Closeup

Punk Rock Poodle Punk Rock Poodle Closeup

Acid Gardener Teddy Acid Gardener Teddy Closeup

Perfect Vintage Tee- Pt. 1 “A Sporting Life”

We’re finally releasing our line of Perfect Vintage Tee’s!  First in the series is “A Sporting Life”- old jerseys, P.E. uniforms and majorette ringers.  Perfect for your active summer:

Garfield Rams Cleveland Browns Hold My Headgear St. Johns Bay Majorette

Photography by Jena Cumbo Model wearing "Garfield Tee"

Photography by Jena Cumbo
Model wearing “Garfield Tee”

Photography by Jena Cumbo Model wearing "Garfield Tee"

Photography by Jena Cumbo
Model wearing “Garfield Tee”

Find these soft numbers in our Etsy store!

Stay Tuned for Pt. 2: Creepy Cute!

Vintage Views-Aubrey Howard

We’re starting a new series here on our blog where we interview some of our favorite vintage wear-ers and have them style their style from the Le Double Ve closet!  Our first guest is Aubrey Howard.  Originally hailing from New Orleans, LA, she has travelled the world taking street style photography, trend forecasting, and lifestyle profile blogging.

Blue Dress w/ YSL Buttons soon to be available from Le Double Ve, H&M Belt, Vintage Kodak Sunglasses, Micheal Kors Watch, Vintage Earrings

Le Double Ve: Why do you wear vintage?

Aubrey H: Because the pieces are one of a kind. I have a big thing about going out places and seeing people have the same thing on that I do. It makes me feel like I should have a xerox stamp on my forehead!  I also love how it feels when you zip up this one of a kind find and it fits perfect.  You always wonder what kind of life the person had that wore the piece before. Ill put on these amazing body-cons from the 80’s and they just FIT in all the right places and I’m like “I know this girl had fun going out when she had this on!”

LDV: There is something about when a vintage pieces fits so right its like fate handed you an amazing article of clothing and its been waiting for you!  What’s your favorite period?

AH: I’d have to say its a tie between the 1950’s and the 1980’s.  I love the body-con style and colors of the 80’s but there is something about that classic 50’s silhouette.  I think it because it just makes your waist look so good and tiny!

Necklace available at Le Double Ve (click image!), Vintage Glasses, VIntage Dress from Time Warp Vintage, Vintage Earrings, Wooden Cuff

LDV: Who are your vintage icons?

AH: YSL, Vintage Chanel is always amazing.  I’d have to also say Pierre Cardin. I have these crazy batik printed high waisted pants with a matching top.  I never wear it together because its crazy.  It’s pants for business, and I wear the top with some short shorts.

Pink Blazer soon to be available from Le Double Ve, BDG Skinny Pink Jeans, Nude Pumps, United Colors of Bennetton Tank, Vintage Chanel Sunglasses, Micheal Kors Watch

LDV: What designers do you think are doing a good job of keeping the best vintage trends alive today?

AH: Chanel, their couture for Fall/Winter 2012. It was straight out of the 40s with some volume to modernize it.  I think Hermes’ is doing a great job with it with their boxy coats.  Lanvin couple of seasons ago had a big 40s feel too.  Love the 40s that are coming out.  Designers are making me proud.

LDV: What is your ideal vintage outfit?

AH: Anything classic, off the shoulder, fitted.  Give me a fish-tail anyday.  I also love anything blousy from the 70’s.  Anything overflowing with beads and sequins.  Everything crazy.


Find Aubrey’s blog at


Nightlife crew/party promoters/artists extraordinaire’s FULL MOON have recently launched their debut online issue of  their magazine UNMARKED. . A haven of relevant, intriguing interviews and arts info, as well as gasp worthy eye candy, it’s one of the first online reads in awhile that I actually took the time to sit and read through- you simply can’t draw yourself away from the screen.  Talent isn’t the only thing this great publication showcases; the passion and care that the contributors have for the arts is almost tear-worthy.  UNMARKED. explains: 

“…as art for art’s sake becomes increasingly scarce, particularly in New York City where artists are forced to sacrifice their time to the reality of paying their skyrocketing bills, it becomes all the more necessary to safeguard the few places where creativity can still flourish unadulterated by the outside world.  This is the goal (some may say a lofty one, but still an admirable one nonetheless) behind the creation of UNMARKED…”

Lofty? Yes.  Admirable? Very.  Deserving of the utmost respect?  They’ve definitely got all of mine.

Keep creating, y’all.

Sweet Lovers Love the Spring…GIVEAWAY!


Le Double Ve is giving away sweet spring items!  There are four packages: Womens Small, Womens Medium, Womens Large and Men’s XLarge!  Leave a comment about why you love the spring/spring fashion by April 1st and a comment will be chosen at random.  Please leave which package you are interested in in your comment!

“In springtime, the only pretty ring time
Birds sing, hey ding
A-ding, a-ding”

–Willy Wonka

Women's Small Package: Reconstructed Cocktail Dress, Designer Escada Heels


Women's Medium Package: Blue Flowy Crop Top, Teal Tennis Skirt w/ Applique, Red Side Slit Pencil Skirt, Cute Fish Print Wrap A-line Skirt


Women's Large Package: Reconstructed Sundress, Reconstructed Denim Top, Reconstructed Plaid Mini, Life Stride Flats


Men's Xlarge Package: White Longsleeve Button-up with Brown Dot Pattern, Pale Blue Button-up with Mini Floral Pattern


.normaluisa f/w 2011

The last few days I’ve been sick in bed, which has given me ample time to peruse my new Indie Fashion Blogger friends blogs (hey guys!).  While doing so I stumbled upon this lookbook a couple of times and was floored.  The clean, classic, modern take on the 70’s romance trend is very unique.  I know I’ve been yelling for spring to come, but this line makes me very excited for fall again too.

(All images from



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Christian Dior