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We had the pleasure of attending Etsy Studios almost a month ago as part of the NYC Vintage Sellers Team.  Hosted by Sammy Davis of and Simone of Erstwhile Style, Le Double Ve was the proud receivers of Sammy’s ‘SEO Smackdown for Etsy Sellers’ makeover!  We learned an incredible amount of information on how we can improve our shop!

Questions session after Sammy Davis's SEO Smackdown for Etsy Sellers

Questions session after Sammy Davis’s SEO Smackdown for Etsy Sellers.  Photo by Diane Dulgerian

Etsy Labs.  Photo by Diane Dulgerian

Etsy Labs. Photo by Diane Dulgerian

Cutie Sammy Davis in a vintage Mr. Dino and Sarah and Brian of LDV.  Photo by Diane Dulgerian

Cutie Sammy Davis in a vintage Mr. Dino and Sarah and Brian of LDV. Photo by Diane Dulgerian

Sammy serving the SEO Smackdown on LDV! Photo by Diane Dulgerian

Sammy serving the SEO Smackdown on LDV! Photo by Diane Dulgerian


Etsy sellers: we highly recommend ANY help and advice Sammy has to give, especially her SEO Smackdown!  Click here for more information on her class!


Are you and Etsy vintage seller in the NYC area?  Apply to join our team here!


We are forever grateful to Sammy for schooling us and for all the new vintage seller pals we met!  Check out Sammy’s post about the meeting to see what other fabulous vintage sellers came and for more information on what Sammy has to offer!

Black and Silver Striped Dress

The Eccentrics in Bust Magazine Feat. LDV!

Take a look at this inspiring story in Bust Magazine Feb/March issue reviewing the incredible styles of some of fashions reigning queens of individual style!  We’re honored that one of our dresses (seen on the Anna Piaggi feature) could be considered reminiscent of the surrealist fashion goddess’ style!

The dress recently sold at Any Old Iron Boutique , but you can still find many more amazingly curated designers from the UK and other Le Double Ve Reconstructed items at Any Old Iron!

Through the Window

Le Double Ve's "Diamond" Dress in the window at Any Old Iron Boutique LES, NYC {Photo taken by The Egyptian Madonna}

Le Double Ve Re:Constructed “Diamond” Dress at Any Old Iron Boutique in NYC’s Lower East Side

Head down to Any Old Iron for many of our higher end Re:Constructed pieces and take in other exclusive menswear designs that hail from Great Britain.


Nightlife crew/party promoters/artists extraordinaire’s FULL MOON have recently launched their debut online issue of  their magazine UNMARKED. . A haven of relevant, intriguing interviews and arts info, as well as gasp worthy eye candy, it’s one of the first online reads in awhile that I actually took the time to sit and read through- you simply can’t draw yourself away from the screen.  Talent isn’t the only thing this great publication showcases; the passion and care that the contributors have for the arts is almost tear-worthy.  UNMARKED. explains: 

“…as art for art’s sake becomes increasingly scarce, particularly in New York City where artists are forced to sacrifice their time to the reality of paying their skyrocketing bills, it becomes all the more necessary to safeguard the few places where creativity can still flourish unadulterated by the outside world.  This is the goal (some may say a lofty one, but still an admirable one nonetheless) behind the creation of UNMARKED…”

Lofty? Yes.  Admirable? Very.  Deserving of the utmost respect?  They’ve definitely got all of mine.

Keep creating, y’all.

Beacon Theater

“Made of Gold and Silk Arabian Thread”

Beacon Theater

Beacon Theater Proscenium

This past week we went to see The Decemberists at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan.  The Decemberists recently released a new album, The King is Dead, and NYC was their first stop on tour.  We were extremely lucky to get tickets: not only did they add on TWO dates to their original one, but ALL THREE  DATES sold out within hours.


The Beacon Theater is gorgeous.  It is the sister theater to Radio City Music Hall and “brainchild” of Samuel “Roxy” Rothafe.  I loved the grandiose, golden, lace-y procenium and the ever impressive lobby.  It takes you back to a time when going to see entertainment was something to be respected.  It’s strange to see people in jeans in this grand of a surrounding.


Beacon Theater

Beacon Theater Lobby Ceiling



The Decemberists

The Decemberists On Stage



The Decemberists are absolutely one of our favorite bands of all time and they played our favorite song as an encore, The Mariners Revenge Song, which was surprising because its not one of their most famous.  I will admit I teared up a bit when I caught on that that’s what they were going to play, when they were introducing the piece.  I LOVE IT TOO MUCH!






The Decemberists have been known to have quite the nautical theme and influence, especially in their older albums.  I decided to keep in the theme and wear this classic number, available in our Etsy Shop


Etsy Clothes

Nautical Stripe Sweater-Click to view in our shop!

Etsy Clothes

What do you think? Do you like to dress to catch the theme of your favorite performers or do your own thang?