Month: June 2011


Nightlife crew/party promoters/artists extraordinaire’s FULL MOON have recently launched their debut online issue of  their magazine UNMARKED. . A haven of relevant, intriguing interviews and arts info, as well as gasp worthy eye candy, it’s one of the first online reads in awhile that I actually took the time to sit and read through- you simply can’t draw yourself away from the screen.  Talent isn’t the only thing this great publication showcases; the passion and care that the contributors have for the arts is almost tear-worthy.  UNMARKED. explains: 

“…as art for art’s sake becomes increasingly scarce, particularly in New York City where artists are forced to sacrifice their time to the reality of paying their skyrocketing bills, it becomes all the more necessary to safeguard the few places where creativity can still flourish unadulterated by the outside world.  This is the goal (some may say a lofty one, but still an admirable one nonetheless) behind the creation of UNMARKED…”

Lofty? Yes.  Admirable? Very.  Deserving of the utmost respect?  They’ve definitely got all of mine.

Keep creating, y’all.

Hey Brooklyn/NYC!

Photo by Amy Dickerson

We’re having a trunk sale! Some of our summer-y items will be marked down from their original price. If you are in the Ft. Greene area Sat. June 4th come to the corner of S. Portland and Lafayette Ave! Vintage clothing and some housewares will be available as well as yummy lemonade. There will be other people there having a good ole stoop sale as well! Come catch some great scores! 10 am to 6 or 7 pm