Month: January 2011

Beacon Theater

“Made of Gold and Silk Arabian Thread”

Beacon Theater

Beacon Theater Proscenium

This past week we went to see The Decemberists at the Beacon Theater in Manhattan.  The Decemberists recently released a new album, The King is Dead, and NYC was their first stop on tour.  We were extremely lucky to get tickets: not only did they add on TWO dates to their original one, but ALL THREE  DATES sold out within hours.


The Beacon Theater is gorgeous.  It is the sister theater to Radio City Music Hall and “brainchild” of Samuel “Roxy” Rothafe.  I loved the grandiose, golden, lace-y procenium and the ever impressive lobby.  It takes you back to a time when going to see entertainment was something to be respected.  It’s strange to see people in jeans in this grand of a surrounding.


Beacon Theater

Beacon Theater Lobby Ceiling



The Decemberists

The Decemberists On Stage



The Decemberists are absolutely one of our favorite bands of all time and they played our favorite song as an encore, The Mariners Revenge Song, which was surprising because its not one of their most famous.  I will admit I teared up a bit when I caught on that that’s what they were going to play, when they were introducing the piece.  I LOVE IT TOO MUCH!






The Decemberists have been known to have quite the nautical theme and influence, especially in their older albums.  I decided to keep in the theme and wear this classic number, available in our Etsy Shop


Etsy Clothes

Nautical Stripe Sweater-Click to view in our shop!

Etsy Clothes

What do you think? Do you like to dress to catch the theme of your favorite performers or do your own thang?



Twenty Something Candles

Birthday Present!

My birthday was this past weekend and we celebrated by having some people over to our newly (almost) unpacked apartment before heading out to hit the town.  It was great to spend time with some of my favorite people!  Unfortunately one very important person, the darling Mary Czech couldn’t come due to work reasons.  However we met her earlier in the day for brunch in Williamsburg and she gave me a gorgeous depression glass bottle in the shape of a corseted torso!  I love the turquoise color, and it’s super perfect in my apartment!

We hung out drinking cocktails and champagne while listening to a playlist I made for my special day!  The theme of the night for the ladies were definitely furs and hats.

Rachel aka @Fashionbat and my thrifted vintage Mondrian-esque knit throw

Ashley aka Ashford Gets Dressed and Laura aka The Egyptian Madonna relaxing

Catching up


(Ashley’s Blog, Rachel’s Tweets, Laura’s Blog)


I wanted to look sparkly and classy (it was my birthday) so I donned this sparkly dress and fun hat.  Due to snow covered NYC I thought it best to sport some boots, although I’m craving the day when I can wear pumps again and not worry about slipping on treacherous ice!


(Vintage Saks Fifth Dress, Reworked Urban Outfitters Hat, Gifted Hosiery, Vintage Prialpas Gomma Boots)


The night ended late but great.  Looking forward to my new year!

SF 2011

Cali Dreamin’ & Energy Healin’

SF 2011

Dew At Breakfast


I recently spent a weekend with a dear best friend of mine, Leah, who lives in the Bay Area.  I needed some serious R&R and Miss Leah prepared a wonderful long weekend for me.  It was full of gorgeous dew soaked breakfasts, centering massages, and fantastic entertainment.

SF 2011

Dewy Breakfast Spread

After a night of not so late partying (bars close at 2am!) and spending the night in the Lower Haight at Leah’s brother’s place, we took a glorious morning drive through Haight Ashbury.  The weather was AMAZING the whole time I was there.

SF 2011

THE Corner


SF 2011
Driving through Haight Ashbury (note choice of breakfast!)

(on Sarah: H&M sunglasses; on Leah: thrifted straw fedora)


My last night we went to a play at Berkeley Repertory Theater called The Composer is Dead, wittily written by Lemony Snicket with music composed by Nathaniel Stookey.  The characters mostly comprised of gorgeous and haunting puppets made by Phantom Limb Company.  The puppets had such an amazing aesthetic: I loved their clean lines and geometry with rich texture and ghoulish qualities.  These particular puppets below made up the orchestra- it’s amazing how they were made to look like the instruments they play!


SF 2011

The Standup Bass and Trumpets



Concertmaster and Winds

SF 2011

Majority of the Orchestra

I had a fantastic time and came back to NYC really centered and focused.  Since getting back, things have really started moving and shaking so its a good thing I came back ready to hit the ground running! ON YOUR MARK….